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Bishop's Annual Report

 “Rural Minnesota is changing, not dying,”
- Kelly Asche Center for Small Towns at the University of Morris

Not everyone in our synod lives in rural Minnesota, but we all are part of God’s church which is facing new challenges and opportunities. “The church is changing.” Inside the challenges, we find opportunities that are a call from God for personal and communal renewal. Click here to download and read Bp. Jon's Annual Report.

Visit the Annual Meeting Resouce page for report covers, mission support information and meeting resources.


As people and congregations of our SW MN Synod we stand together at a pivotal moment. We are confronting challenges for all of us in our modern society. At the same time we are called by our Lord to move forward with hope and great expectations. It is time for us to prepare for the future. It is time to mobilize God’s people for God’s work! Click here to visit the
funding initiative webpage
for more information and resources.